Our unique wood menorahs slot together, so easily store flat. They're great for travel, college kids and collectors. We also make candle holders and other items that can add festiveness to your Hanukkah celebration!

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Our home accessories are made from sustainable bamboo plywood and other natural woods. We don't use metal fasteners or screws in our pieces; instead the individual components slot together for assembly and easily come apart. This makes our products inexpensive to ship, and you can store them flat in a drawer when not in use. Putting together your unique piece is part of the fun! In the video at right, Monica shows you how to put together a Blossom Bowl.

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Everything Else

A little bit of this and that: jewelry stands, sushi boards, Christmas ornaments and more!

Tea Light & Votive Holders

One of our favorite things to make - these tea light and votive holders look great in groups. Mix and match them to create your own unique tableaux. They also make great wedding table decorations and favors.

Wine Racks

These wine racks slot together. You can easily take them apart and store them, but why would you? They're fun to look at full or empty.

Pillar & Taper Candle Holders

Our philosophy is that you can never have too many candle holders. We like to play with classical forms in our designs, and the end results integrate well into both modern and traditional interiors.


‚ÄčOur unique fruit bowls & trivets bring inspiration to your table top. They're meant not only to be useful, but to also add creativity and beauty to your home. 

Home Accessories